Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Member's Day

Today is a Member's Day, and it looks like its a chance to clear space for a ballot. First up is protest-suppressing Jonathan Young's Local Government (Freedom of Access) Amendment Bill, which has been found to be inconsistent with the Bill of Rights Act, so hopefully it'll be voted down. Next is Fletcher Tabuteau's KiwiFund Bill, which would establish a government-controlled Kiwisaver provider. Then there are two education bills: Jan Tinetti's Education (National Education and Learning Priorities) Amendment Bill (which is about diversity) and Jenny Marcroft's Education (Protecting Teacher Title) Amendment Bill (which is about preventing unregistered instructors at charter schools from misrepresenting themselves as registered professionals). The latter has also been found to breach the Bill of Rights Act, so hopefully it too will be voted down. Finally, the House should make a start on Louisa wall's Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Renewal of Licences) Amendment Bill (No 2). If they get that far, there should be a ballot for four bills tomorrow - which should hopefully allow some more exciting bills to be drawn.

Blasphemous libel is getting closer, and the debate on the first reading of the bill to repeal it should be in a month, on March 21.