Tuesday, May 29, 2018

There is no corruption in New Zealand

We like to think of ourselves as a non-corrupt nation. The sorts of self-enriching abuses of public power that we read about happening in places like China or Africa or Australia just don't happen here. Except they do:

A former Automobile Association worker has admitted taking bribes in exchange for drivers' licenses.


According to court documents, Brar kept more than $56,000 worth of bribes.

The 25-year-old worked for the Automobile Association with the title "customer service consultant" in the Meadowlands branch in east Auckland.

He processed paperwork and took money from people who wanted to sit their practical driver's licence test.

And he wasn't the only one - there was an entire ring of them, taking bribes to allow unsafe drivers on our roads.

The good news is that we caught these ones. But how many other corrupt officials are going undetected, because of our complacent attitude?