Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Labour isn't delivering

Writing in Stuff, Hamish Rutherford highlights the governments apparent backdowns over electricity prices and a capital gains tax and asks what is Labour for?

But beneath the pragmatism are more fundamental questions. Where the Government has promised intervention, the signs so far appear to be little more than tinkering.

If it isn't for tilting the scales of the tax system towards income earners, or simply intervening to lower electricity bills for all, what exactly is Labour for?

Its a good question. Labour was elected on a platform of hope and change. But in office it doesn't seem to be delivering much of either. In addition to the two backdowns highlighted above, its also refusing to eliminate 90 day trial periods and may not even abolish youth rates. Its dawdling on doubling the refugee quota and looks like it will keep on grovelling to farmers on climate change. But if they're not going to change anything, then people might just decide to vote for the other lot - because at least that way they won't suffer the bitter taste of disappointment.