Monday, November 26, 2018

A very British bribe

The UK parliament is about to vote on Theresa May's brexit deal, and the numbers are looking dodgy. So the government is trying to line up support any way it can - including by giving MP's knighthoods:

Conservative Brexiteers have reacted with fury to Theresa May’s decision to award a knighthood to a veteran Eurosceptic MP ahead of a knife-edge vote that could kill off her Brexit deal.

Sir John Hayes was given the honour in a surprise move by Downing Street on Friday, which immediately prompted accusations of “cronyism” from political opponents.


Sir John, a former minister who supports bringing back the death penalty, has expressed his doubts over Ms May’s withdrawal agreement but has not revealed whether he would vote against it.

The MP for South Holland and the Deepings is not believed to be among the Tory MPs calling for a no-confidence vote in the prime minister – an attempt that now appears to have stalled.

This is bribery, pure and simple. But isn't it so very, very British?