Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A referendum on the green

Last week Parliament legislated for a medicinal cannabis regime. And today, the government has followed it up by announcing a referendum on recreational cannabis at the 2020 election:

A binding referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use will be held at the 2020 general election.

The referendum is part of Labour's confidence and supply agreement with the Green Party, but wording of the question is yet to be confirmed.

Justice Minister Andrew Little says the Electoral Commission will now get on and start planning for it.

A lot will depend on the exact question (and hopefully it will be an MMP-style one with the legislation already passed and waiting for a referendum to come into effect). But the current law is an ass, is widely ignored, and infringes fundamental liberties. Its really not the state's business how adults choose to get high, and their role is rightly limited to product safety and public impairment. So, unless its obvious bullshit designed to give legalisation in name only, I'll be voting yes.