Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The fear of a good example

Over the Tasman, the racist One Nation has been caught soliciting donations from the US NRA. Naturally, they've complained to police and ASIO about "foreign interference" in elections - not about themselves, of course, but about the (foreign-owned) media who exposed them. But why was the NRA wanting to donate to a racist Australian political party anyway? It was all about the fear of a good example:

In one meeting in Washington DC last September, senior NRA lobbyist Brandi Graham told the pair it would be easier for the NRA to resist calls for gun control in the US if Australia had softer gun ownership laws.

"That helps us, because the biggest argument we always get from folks is, 'Well, look at Australia'," Ms Graham said.

"They are continually attacking us, it's never-ending."

Which ought to raise some concern, given that New Zealand is setting a similar example. And while foreign donations over $1,500 are illegal, the ban is trivially circumvented by using a local company (which can be 100% foreign-owned), or simply a New Zealander to launder it. Though given the near-universal support for gun control, the NRA might have trouble finding people willing to take their money. Other than ACT, of course...