Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Bastion Point 2.0

In 1863, in the lead up to its illegal invasion of the Waikato, the New Zealand government illegally confiscated the land of Māori living south of Auckland. One of the areas confiscated was Ihumātao, once one of the biggest farming areas in the country. Over the years, the stolen land was pillaged, quarried, and destroyed, but some of its archaeological heritage still survives. Now, its all going to be bulldozed by a foreign-owned developer to make homes for the rich.

The injustice of this ought to be apparent to all. This is stolen land, and rather than being returned, it is going to be split up and alienated forever. Local Māori have been occupying the site, but yesterday the police moved in to evict them - just as they had evicted Māori from Bastion Point 41 years ago. But the protestors have not given up, and are blockading the site in an effort to stop the bulldozers. They need your help, and your support. We should not be letting this happen in modern New Zealand.