Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Climate Change: Another reason to strike on Friday

[With apologies to Murray Ball. Again]

This Friday, thousands of school students all over New Zealand will be striking for government action on climate change. Thousands of adults will be joining them. But Winston Peters thinks they should all stay in school and that they can learn about climate change by "seeing what the Government is doing".

Well, they've watched, and they've seen, and I doubt they're impressed. Because what the government is doing is dragging its feet, chickening out, and grovelling to the sacred cow. The same old bullshit, in other words. And that bullshit is destroying their future. And that's not something they - or anyone - should passively accept.

But hey, if you think the government's actions are adequate to meet this challenge, by all means, stay home. If you don't, or you want them to do more, sooner, and more equitably, if you want them to make farmers pay their fucking way for once, then we'll see you on Friday.