Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Not acceptable

That's the only possible response to Forestry Minister Shane Jones' comments at a forestry awards ceremony that he expected their votes in exchange for the funding he was giving them. He's been called to account for that by the prime Minister, but his response has been to double down and promise revenge:

Outspoken NZ First MP and Cabinet Minister Shane Jones has vowed he will have his revenge on those he says attempted to make him "quiver in the corner by running to the media".

He said that as soon as the election campaign starts next year, and his Cabinet responsibilities are loosened, he will be going after his political rivals in the forestry sector.

"Now that they have started this spat, this utu [revenge] is best served cold and I would say, in about nine months' time," he told the Herald.

So effectively after claiming publicly that he is directing public resources to gain political support, he is now threatening to direct them to retaliate against his political enemies. Neither is acceptable. And a man who thinks that it is should have no place in any government in New Zealand. Jones should be fired before he corrodes standards of ministerial behaviour any further.