Saturday, December 14, 2019

Well, crap

UKanians went to the polls yesterday in early elections aimed at resolving the Brexit impasse. And they certainly have, delivering a huge majority to the Tories, and (barring internal rebellions of the sort which delayed Brexit) giving them the power to do whatever they want. And thanks to the UK's unfair electoral system, they got all that on just 44% of the vote...

But the Tories aren't the only beneficiaries of that unfair system. In Scotland, the SNP won just under half the vote, but 80% of the seats. Meanwhile, the LibDems got 11% of the vote nationwide, but only 2% of the seats, while the Greens and Brexit parties - small but notable minority votes which could easily be accommodated in a legislature as large as the UK's - were left with nothing. Its all the worse because the rest of the UK's elections - for its devolved legislatures and the European Parliament - use one form or another of proportional representation, so UK votes know what they're missing out on.

So what are the Tories planning? Bexit, obviously, which is bad enough. Undermining judicial review rights (which saw their illegal prorogation cancelled) and the Human Rights Act (their version of the BORA). A pogrom against Travellers. The UK voted for that, and now they're going to get it, but it is nothing good, and UKanians should get out while they can. The Scots are ahead of the game already, with a demand for another independence referendum, which Boris Johnson has already refused. But the more they refuse, the greater the pressure will be for a vote (because a. that's the democratic solution; and b. Scotland doesn't like London telling them how to run their lives). And in London doesn't let them hold a binding, legal referendum, they may simply go Catalonian and hold a non-binding, illegal one, and dare London to try and stop it or ignore the result.