Tuesday, February 25, 2020

More NZ First corruption

Oh look! NZ First's secret slush fund was laundering donations from Talley's:

One of the country's biggest fishing companies, Talley's, and its managing director donated nearly $27,000 to the New Zealand First Foundation, which has been bankrolling the New Zealand First Party.

The foundation received $26,950 from seafood giant Talley's and from managing director Sir Peter Talley between 2017 and 2019, according to records viewed by RNZ.

It received the money from Talley's in four amounts - all of which were below the threshold for public disclosure and so have not been publicly revealed until now.

Meanwhile, NZ First has been blocking a fisheries review, as well as monitoring cameras on boats and other tighter regulation. Which obviously is a complete coincidence, right?

As with their secret donations from the racing industry, this creates a stench of corruption around all government fisheries policy decisions. Its a perfect example of why we need total transparency in party funding, and why we need to keep money out of politics.