Tuesday, March 10, 2020

A heckuva job on abortion reform

I'm currently watching the voting on the Abortion Legislation Bill, and it looks like inattentive MPs have made a major fuckup. One of the major reforms is provisions establishing safe areas around abortion providers, so people seeking an abortion do not have to face intimidation or run a gauntlet of hate to get a medical procedure. ACT's David Seymour (naturally) opposes this on free speech grounds, and has put up an SOP to remove it. Earlier this evening, the first part of that SOP, to remove the definition of "safe area" from the interpretation clause, was voted down. But then, later on, the second part, which would remove the actual clauses relating to safe areas, came up. And it passed on the voices, with no personal vote being called. MPs didn't realise what had happened until Marama Davidson's amendments to strengthen safe areas were ruled out of order as the issue had already been voted on. Someone did seek to roll things back by leave, but of course that was denied. And so, inattentive MPs have just cost women a world of hate.

Heckuva job, folks. Maybe you should drink more coffee next time?