Monday, September 07, 2020

National is on the side of landlords

Last year, the government finally established the healthy home standards required by the Healthy Homes Guarantee Act. Landlords would be required to provide homes actually fit for a dog to live in, with heating, insulation, and airflow. And now, National is promising to tear them up:

Landlords should wait to see if National wins October's election before spending money refitting their rentals up to new heating standards, a lobby group for property owners says.

The comments by the NZ Property Investors Federation have been labelled "deeply disappointing" by the Labour Party and questioned by the Real Estate Institute and the NZ Green Building Council.

The advice comes after National under new leader Judith Collins confirmed to the Herald it would tear up new Healthy Homes standards recently brought in by the Labour-led Government.

Instead, National says it will give tenants a "choice" to live in an unhealthy home. Which is basicly the "choice" they have now, the "choice" which literally kills children and hospitalises 30,000 people a year. But hey, its only poor kids dying, so why does National care? Especially when their landlord friends are making so much money by renting them uninhabitable ratholes?

Good landlords don't oppose these regulations. The ones who do are sociopathic monsters and stochastic murderers who wish to profit from killing. And National has made it clear they are firmly on the side of the latter. They're morally monsters, who deserve nothing but contempt. Don't vote for them.