Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Woodhouse lets the mask slip

The media this morning was full of hopeful stories about how the current lockdown may have been a "false alarm" and an over-reaction and how it would all be over soon (I bet those journalists and editors all feel pretty stupid now). But along the way, National's Michael Woodhouse let the mask slip:

National's Michael Woodhouse said on Tuesday the country was “running out of patience with alert level rises.”

“At some point a Government, probably this Government, will have to take the tough decision to say, ‘Covid is endemic on this planet, and we need to take different steps,’ but in the meantime, while we pursue an elimination strategy, the Government has got to get it right,” Woodhouse said.

"Endemic". "Tough decision". "Different steps". We all know what that means: let people die so rich people can make money! And this man used to be involved in hospital administration. I wonder if he applied the same attitude there?

Still, at least voters know now, so we can hold Woodhouse accountable at the ballot box for his murderous views.