Tuesday, June 01, 2021

Climate Change is already killing us

One of the big risks from climate change is that it will make large chunks of the planet uninhabitable due to heat and humidity, and if you've read The Ministry for the Future you'll be aware of how it can lead to death on a massive scale. But there's also going to be a constant trickle of deaths just from warmer temperatures. And this is already happening:

More than a third of all heat-related deaths around the world between 1991 and 2018 can be attributed to human-induced global heating, research has found.


The researchers examined past weather conditions simulated under scenarios with and without emissions triggered by human activity – allowing them to separate the warming and related health impact linked with human activity from natural trends.

Overall, they found 37% of all heat-related deaths in the locations studied were attributable to human activity – but the largest climate change-induced contributions (more than 50%) were in southern and western Asia (Iran and Kuwait), south-east Asia (the Philippines and Thailand) and Central and South America.

They don't give an actual bodycount (and they note that their data is incomplete and missing some of the potentially most interesting data points), but it shows the danger we are already in, and how those pushing for inaction are literally killing us. They're basicly stochastic murderers, and we should treat them as such.