Tuesday, July 13, 2021

National: Funded by racists

The National party is currently running a(nother) racist campaign, whipping up fears of "Māori separatism" (again) over basic measures for equality. So who did they get to fund it? Racist crank Don Brash:

National leader Judith Collins asked Don Brash to raise $300,000 for a billboard campaign attacking the Government on race issues, according to a leaked email from Brash obtained by Stuff.


The email headlined “strictly confidential” was sent in May by Brash to an unknown group of wealthy potential donors.

In it, Brash says Collins has asked him to raise $300,000 for a billboard campaign on “Treaty of Waitangi issues”.

He says he has done this as she believes the public has limited knowledge of the issues – such as a new history curriculum, the entrenchment of Māori wards, and the new Māori Health Authority – and the mainstream media was not shining enough of a light on them.

This speaks volumes about the current direction of National under Collins, and the popularity of that direction with its usual backers. Though it seems that not even Brash and his racist mates want their names associated with this - he was careful to donate less than the declaration threshold, and advised potential donors to do the same. It seems that even the racists realise there's something shameful about their position, and are afraid of the social consequences of exposure. Which highlights even more strongly the need to lower that declaration threshold: so those with these shameful views have nowhere to hide.