Monday, August 30, 2021

The action of a sociopathic narcissist

Parliament will be meeting tomorrow, despite level 4, after efforts to have a virtual sitting were thwarted by the National Party. The Māori Party and The Greens will not be attending - for them, level 4 means level 4, despite the fact that MPs are classed as "essential workers". But National Party leader Judith Collins will be attending. And she will be travelling from Auckland to do so.

This is irresponsible and wrong. MPs are essential workers, but Collins travelling to Wellington is completely unnecessary for Parliament to fulfil its function. National has Wellington-based MPs who can speak for the party and cast its proxies. But then they might get the media attention instead of her (or worse, outshine her).

Travelling from a covid-hotspot to a less-infected zone, with the consequent risk of spreading the disease throughout the country, solely so you can get media attention, is the action of a sociopathic narcissist. And if Wellington gets covid cases as a result, we will all know who to blame.