Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Member's Day

Today is a Member's Day, and there's an interesting bill up for debate for once. But they'll have to get through a lot of boring stuff first. First up is Simeon Brown's Arms (Firearms Prohibition Orders) Amendment Bill (No 2), which should go quickly as it has been overtaken by government policy. Next is Maureen Pugh's Freedom Camping (Infringement Offences and Other Matters) Amendment Bill, which should be voted down after receiving a negative BORA vet. Following that is Ginny Andersen's Crimes (Child Exploitation Offences) Amendment Bill, which as a Labour bill will go to select committee. Then there's the main event, Louisa Wall's Protection of Journalists’ Sources Bill, which I'm looking forward to - the bill will be a significant improvement on the status quo and help prevent future abuses of power like the Hager raid. Finally, if the House moves quickly it may make a start on Rachel Boyack's Plain Language Bill. There will be a ballot for at least two bills tomorrow.