Monday, September 12, 2022

Labour abandons us to covid

Today, the government has taken its long-signalled decision to repeal virtually all covid restrictions. From midnight tonight, there won't be traffic lights or mask requirements, and isolation rules will be further weakened. The few remaining vaccination requirements will disappear in a couple of weaks. Essentially, the virus will be free to spread, and the government will do nothing to stop it.

The government is selling this as "taking back control". What it actually does is make things more uncertain. Under the (weakened) traffic light system, and the stronger level system which preceded it, we knew what to do to stay safe. If covid numbers went up, the level would (in theory) change, telling us all to work from home and avoid public places and keep to our bubbles. And if they went down - way further down than at present - then the opposite would happen, and we could go out and see each other. Now, we've got nothing. We're on our own. And if covid numbers rise and you don't feel safe, you need to persuade your boss yourself that you need to work from home, without a traffic light to point to. With no masking requirements, you need to work out yourself whether any particular setting is safe, based on how many doorknob-lickers there are. And if you want to enforce a masking or vaccine requirement on your business or event, good luck with that, because the government isn't setting a standard and won't back you up anymore. We're on our own.

As for Labour, they've just abandoned us and walked away in the middle of a once-in-a-century public health crisis. Its as if they responded to the Christchurch earthquakes by repealing all building standards and the EQC system. They've basicly surrendered to the Parliament rioters and become quislings for the virus. And even if you don't share that harsh view, I think its legitimate to ask: if government won't step up and protect people during a public health crisis, what the fuck is it for?