Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Still unfit to govern

Yesterday the government announced its plan to reduce agricultural emissions. The plan is weak bullshit, but because it involves them taking the slightest responsibility for the pollution they cause (even at massively subsidised rates, offset by even more subsidies), farmers hate it. So naturally, the National Party hates it too, calling it "utterly unacceptable" and promising to repeal it immediately if elected:

National would repeal proposed changes to agricultural emissions pricing, if the Government’s plan put forward on Tuesday goes ahead.

Leader Christopher Luxon labelled the proposal the Government put forward as “unacceptable”.

“It’s a shocker. It's a real punch to our farmers,” Luxon said. “It'd be a very brave Government to go on and pass this without having industry consensus."

Luxon's alternative? To "support whatever the industry wants". Which is a bit problematic when "what the industry wants" is to destroy the global climate and ecosystem on which human life depends - which is what their preferred solution of doing nothing / continuing business as usual entails.

Climate change is the biggest crisis facing Aotearoa. We cannot solve it without significantly reducing agricultural emissions. And by refusing to face up to that and rejecting any attempts to mitigate or moderate farming's climate impact, Luxon is telling us clearly that the National Party is unfit for government. It is that simple.