Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Labour dragging its feet on pay transparency

Last year, the Education and Workforce Committee recommended that the government legislate for pay transparency to prevent employers from secretly discriminating. This ought to be a bread and butter issue for Labour - discrimination sees women (and particularly Māori and Pasifika women) paid significantly less than men. But since then... crickets:

[T]he timing of any legislation remains uncertain.

Tinetti said on Tuesday that the Government was committed to ensuring all women were paid fairly and a pay transparency system was “one lever that may help in closing the gender pay gap”.

But she wouldn’t say whether she expected to introduce a law change in the current parliamentary term, explaining that the work being conducted by Nacew was still underway.

Realistically, while legislation could be introduced, there's no chance of this being passed by the election. Which means Labour foot-dragging has basicly seen this delayed for a full Parliamentary term (and maybe buried it forever if there's a change of government). Effectively they've sold out their core supporters to sexists, racists, and capitalists. Heckuva job, Labour; I hope you're proud of yourselves.