Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Member's Day

Today is (finally) a Member's Day, and once again its dedicated to first readings. First up is Rima Nakhle's Corrections (Victim Protection) Amendment Bill, to be followed by Rawiri Waititi's Goods and Services Tax (Removing GST from Food) Amendment Bill. Labour went into the last election with that as a policy, so it'll be interesting to see if they vote for it. This will be followed by Deborah Russell's Companies (Address Information) Amendment Bill and Greg O'Connor's Local Electoral (Abolition of the Ratepayer Roll) Amendment Bill. If the House moves quickly it might make a start on Tracey McLellan's Evidence (Giving Evidence of Family Violence) Amendment Bill, but I think that's unlikely.

A bunch of bills have been postponed, but two of them will be back next Member's Day, so the ballot should only be for five or maybe six bills, rather than having to refresh the whole Order Paper.