Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Member's Day

Today is a Member's day. First up is James Shaw's New Zealand Bill of Rights (Right to Sustainable Environment) Amendment Bill, which does exactly what it says on the label. Despite solid backing in international law and from lawyers and NGOs, National will likely vote it down out of pure orcish hatred. Second is Teanau Tuiono's Restoring Citizenship Removed By Citizenship (Western Samoa) Act 1982 Bill, which would correct one of the great historical crimes of the Muldoon era. National will likely vote that down too, out of racism. After the dinner break it will be time for the second reading of Greg O'Connor's Child Protection (Child Sex Offender Government Agency Registration) (Overseas Travel Reporting) Amendment Bill, which is nasty law and order bullshit which now includes an explicit BORA override. So National will vote for that one. The House should then make a start on the second reading of Stuart Smith's Sale and Supply of Alcohol (Cellar Door Tasting) Amendment Bill. If the House moves very quickly they may make a start on Tracey McLellan's Evidence (Giving Evidence of Family Violence) Amendment Bill, but given the length of second-reading debates, I think that's unlikely.

There should be a ballot for two new bills tomorrow.