Thursday, July 04, 2024

Nobody wants to run a boot camp

National has a problem: they've promised boot camps by the end of July to grub votes from pedophobic old zombies kick kids into line, but nobody wants to run them. NZDF has said "fuck no! Never again", and Oranga Tamariki - the organisation formally responsible for them - can't find anyone to do it:

Just weeks out from the start of the government's young offender boot camps, Oranga Tamariki is still discussing who will take on the critical role of intensive mentoring.


It confirmed last month Oranga Tamariki had contacted a number of community organisations to see if they were interested in doing that work.


However, RNZ has seen an email from Oranga Tamariki telling the groups the date for the intensive mentor role has been pushed back to mid-August.

The ministry has told RNZ the boot camp pilot will still start in late July.

As they say, "good luck with that". Because boot camps don't work, so no reputable NGO will touch them. And the less reputable ones understand that there will be a certain reputational (and financial) cost to being involved, not to mention total organisational destruction when the inevitable stories of sadism and abuse come out. But the Minister needs to meet their arbitrary, self-imposed deadline for the implementation of their terrible idea, so they'll insist that Oranga Tamariki look beyond the bottom of the barrel, and ignore any red flags in order to find a contractor. Because they care more about avoiding ad headlines than about the safety of children.

Which means they'll probably appoint some Destiny Church member who was sacked from the military for sadism, or some foreign mercenary mate of Mark Mitchell's with a history of war crimes to do it - and then say "we had no idea" when it inevitably turns into a complete shitshow.