Sunday, September 04, 2011

National's list

National quietly released its party list this morning. The first impression? wall-to-wall dead white males. There are no women in the top 5, only 2 in the top 10, and around 25% overall. As for Maori, they squeeze only one in in the top 20. Oh there's more further down - and some Pasifica, Indian and "asian" candidates too - but they're very much at the back of the bus. This is National's New Zealand: run by and for rich white people, with everyone else barely getting a look in.

Here's the usual table:

2011 RankName2008 RankDifference
1John Key10
2Bill English20
3Lockwood Smith12+9
4Gerry Brownlee3-1
5Tony Ryall6+1
6Nick Smith5-1
7Judith Collins70
8Anne Tolley10+2
9Chris Finlayson14+5
10David Carter9-1
11Murray McCully110
12Tim Groser15+3
13Steven Joyce16+3
14Paula Bennett41+27
15Phil Heatley22+7
16Jonathan Coleman29+13
17Kate Wilkinson30+13
18Hekia Parata36+18
19Maurice Williamson8-11
20Nathan Guy18-2
21Craig Foss33+12
22Chris Tremain31+9
23Jo Goodhew39+16
24Lindsay Tisch19-5
25Eric Roy28+3
26Paul Hutchison23-3
27Shane Ardern24-3
28Amy Adams52+24
29Peseta Sam Lotu-Iiga35+6
30Simon Bridges51+21
31Michael Woodhouse49+18
32Chester Borrows320
33Nikki Kaye57+24
34Melissa Lee37+3
35Kanwaljit Bakshi38+3
36Jian Yang----
37Alfred Ngaro----
38Katrina Shanks46+8
39Paul Goldsmith----
40Tau Henare26-14
41Jacqui Dean40-1
42Nicky Wagner43+1
43Chris Auchinvole42-1
44Louise Upston53+9
45Jonathan Young66+21
46Jackie Blue45-1
47Todd McClay54+7
48Alan Peachey34-14
49David Bennett44-5
50Tim Macindoe55+5
51Cam Calder58+7
52John Hayes50-2
53Colin King47-6
54Aaron Gilmore56+2
55Jami-Lee Ross----
56Paul Quinn48-8
57Paul Foster-Bell----
58Maggie Barry----
59Ian McKelvie----
60Mark Mitchell----
61Mike Sabin----
62Scott Simpson----
63Claudette Hauiti----
64Joanne Hayes----
65Leonie Hapeta----
66Sam Collins----
67Jonathan Fletcher----
68Heather Tanner----
69Denise Krum----
70Carolyn O'Fallon----
71Viv Gurrey----
72Karen Rolleston----
73Brett Hudson----
74Linda Cooper----
75Karl Varley----

The good news is that there's no Steven Franks. The bad news is that on current polling, an awful lot of these people are likely to be elected.

Update: The Hand Mirror has crunched the numbers, and it looks like National will have fewer women after the election than they do now. Like I said, by rich white men, for rich white men...