Wednesday, February 19, 2003

I forgot to sleep, then I went to work...I worked...mid afternoon the cocktail of V, red bull, coffee and sugar that I was using to stay awake failed me and I started to make stupid mistakes...I spent a lot of time staring at my computer screen waiting for my brain to catch up...curiously I feel better at 11 pm than I did at 2. I've just mindlessly consumed an entire tub of frozen yoghurt (strawberry)...the world seems like a much better place after frozen I'm going to go to sleep and let all that yumminess migrate to my adepose tissues...when I wake up tomorrow I'll look like a sumo wrestler...if this happens, I hope I look like Toki, he has wicked sideburns.

I meant to pay attention to the rest of the world today but I didn't. Something really spectacular could have happened but I am completely oblivious. Two things that did catch my eye...A former US ambassador to NZ, Carol Mosely Braun - is running for President, and in case you hadn't noticed the world sucks at the moment and Robert Fisk has written some more stuff about it.
Robert Fisk: A million march in London but, faced with disaster, the Arabs are like mice

I must sleep so that I can be a good little drone tomorrow.