Wednesday, February 19, 2003

New Zealand backs peace: From the government's statement on Iraq to the UN General Assembly:

The New Zealand Government recognises that the Security Council must be able to authorise force as a last resort to uphold its resolution. It does not however believe that such a decision would be justified at this time. The inspectors’ reports strongly imply that their work is useful in pursuing the UN’s objectives as laid out in a series of resolutions. As long as that is so, they should continue.
I think this is pretty much in line with what most New Zealanders think - the inspections are working, and until Saddam starts being seriously uncoperative (rather than simply refusing Dubya's demands for blowjobs), we have no reason to go to war. Unfortunately, I expect the Americans see things differently, and will probably add our name to the list of countries they're punishing for daring to disagree with them.