Saturday, July 12, 2003

US 'needs help in Iraq'

According to the US Senate, that is. They've unanimously passed a motion asking Bush to consider asking the UN and NATO for help in "rebuilding" Iraq. There's just one problem: NATO and the UN aren't offering.

There's some enduring fantasy among Americans that all they have to do is ask, and the rest of the world will step forward and bail them out. They're wrong. After the way they shat all over the UN and international community in the leadup to this war, the rest of the world is quite willing to hang them out to dry. They are not going to sacrifice their soldiers so that American boys can be home by christmas. The US made its bed, and now it gets to sleep in it.

But it is entertaining to see that Donald Rumsfeld just doesn't get it.

(Hmm. Looking back, this seems to be becoming a recurring rant of mine...)