Thursday, July 24, 2003

Why Uday and Qusay didn't matter

NZPundit equates not thinking the death of Saddam's sons is a big deal with not caring about their crimes - which is par for the course over there. Since he obviously didn't get the point of my post, I'll spell it out for him.

Saddam's reign over Iraq is over; it ended four months ago when the US took Baghdad. Neither he nor his sons are relevant to the situation anymore - sure, they're still around, but contrary to the myth propagated by the Americans, the Iraqis aren't resisting the occupation because they want Saddam back. Quite the contrary - if the US withdraws and Saddam pops up again, he'll be strung up quicker than Mussolini. No, the Iraqis are resisting because they want to control their own destiny, rather than be dictated to by a foreign occupier.

Proof? Just look at what happened in Iraq when the news was announced. After a brief celebration, they went right back to killing Americans. And that is why killing Uday and Qusay makes no difference.