Saturday, May 08, 2004

National wants to sell us out

National has signalled a return to foreign policy subservience, saying that they would send New Zealand troops to die for America's interests whenever we are told to:

Without reservation we will support our close allies, Australia, the United States and Britain when and wheresoever our commitment is called upon

The disaster in Iraq shows more than ever the need for an independent foreign policy. Blindly following the United States would have led us straight into a moral quagmire of occupation and torture. Yes, we should help our friends - but only when their cause is just. And when they are in the wrong, we should try and set them right. Friends don't let friends wage illegal wars of aggression.

National wants to sell out our independence in the vain hope of economic benefit for their fat-cat supporters. We shouldn't let them do it. The core of our foreign policy should always be independence - making our own decisions, according to our own values, in Wellington, not in Washington.