Saturday, June 05, 2004

Bishop a bigot, film at eleven

I'm struggling to find anything intersting to say about Bishop Vercoe's bigotry. Really - a Bishop said homosexuality is "unnatural". Why is that surprising?

OTOH, trying to excuse the comments as the product of "a cultural context" is fairly stupid. Sociologically, everything has a "cultural context" - even US torture at Abu Ghraib. But that simply provides understanding, not exculpation.

And on the third hand, it does provide an excuse to quote Lyndon Hood on the idea of government legislating for Biblical morality and "family values":

the further the goals of government get from the material wellbeing of its people, the closer it gets to the gas chambers. Trying to make people behave according to particular moral standards is the spiritual equivalent of making the Trains Run on Time

Better just to stop people from physically hurting one another and leave things such as family structure or sexual preference to the memetic marketplace where it belongs.