Wednesday, June 23, 2004

More non-denial denials

NZPundit is making a lot of noise about Bush's latest "denial" of torture - unfortunately it's just another non-denial denial. And it will remain so until Bush stands up and tells us exactly what he means by "torture" - whether, for example, he's using the commonly accepted definition, or the absurdly tight one used in the legal advice he's received on the matter. Sadly, the media are not pressing him exceptionally hard on this point.

If Bush wants to appear serious and escape the shadow of the torture memos, then there's a simple thing he can do: order a serious investigation into the allegations of the use of "water-boarding" against "high value" captives. Drag it out into the light of day and prosecute those involved. Make an example of them, so that the whole world can see that the US does not condone such behaviour. But I won't hold my breath.