Friday, July 09, 2004

Beyond mere theft

It seems that David Farrar can't tell the difference between enriched uranium and medical isotopes any more than the Americans can...

The removal of medical isotopes from Iraq is a particularly vile act of looting, no different from the infamous removal of incubators (sans babies) from Kuwaiti hospitals by the Iraqi army in 1990. Except that unlike the incubator incident, this has actually happened. People are going to die because of it, and the US has as good as murdered them.

Stealing medical supplies is bad enough, but it goes beyond mere theft. The US has abrogated to itself the right to rob an entire country of a vital form of modern medical treatment in order to protect its own security. The certain deaths of Iraqis from cancer matter less than the possible deaths of Americans from a "dirty bomb". The racism implicit in this equation ought to be clear to all.

What next? Taking food from the mouths of the starving on the basis that one of them might grow up to kill an American? It's the same logic at work...