Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Things I want to write about

  • "Has Labour reduced inequality?" - an analysis of data on income distribution to see whether early policy decisions (raising the top tax rate, increasing the minimum wage) have had the desired effect.
  • An analysis of the New Zealand Institute's paper "The Wealth of a Nation". Home ownership is part of the "Kiwi dream", and information on whether that dream is becoming less achievable is both interesting and relevant. Unfortunately, I have a certain amount of suspicion about this think-tank. Is it just co-incidence that a group backed by banks and finance houses expesses concerns about our investing too much in houses and not enough in shares or retirement packages?
  • Some of the interesting issues raised by reading Brian Easton's The Whimpering of the State.

Unfortunately, I actually have to write about "the present political economy of New Zealand", by friday. So I won't be doing any of the above (or at least not this week). Fortunately, it's a relatively interesting topic, and one that I can almost certainly adapt to blog-posts (yeah, yeah, I know, I've said that before...)

Procrastination blogging will continue - I need something to do while I drink my morning coffee - but I'm unlikely to be posting anything big for the rest of the week.