Sunday, December 19, 2004

The No Right Turn Christmas Appeal

It's Christmas, so I thought I'd rattle the tip jar. OK, so I don't actually have a tip jar, but I thought I'd rattle one anyway - not for me, but for other people who are far more deserving of the money. If you've enjoyed reading this blog over the past few years, or simply if you are a naturally generous person, and you have the money to spare, please consider clicking one of the links below and making a donation.

If you support human rights, then please consider donating to the New Zealand section of Amnesty International. They're a strong and impartial voice for the release of prisoners of conscience, for proper trials for political prisoners, and for an end to the death penalty, torture, extrajudicial executions (otherwise known as "murder") and "disappearances". They do good work - and they get results. Their ability to publicise cases and bring international pressure to bear from governments and ordinary people such as you or I has saved thousands of people from imprisonment, torture, and death.

If supporting human rights is too "political" for you, or simply if you love animals, please consider donating to the Auckland SPCA. They deal with cases of animal cruelty, take care of strays, and run information campaigns to encourage responsible pet ownership. They have a particularly tough time around christmas, as people buy pets and then lose interest or discover that they cannot keep them, and your money can definately help. You can either use their web form for credit card donations, or simply dial 0900 99 SPCA (0900 997722) to donate $25 billed through your phone account.

My choice of charities is essentially arbitrary. There are countless other causes which are equally worthy, and these are just the two that I thought of and thought that other people would support. I have no way of knowing if any of you donate or not, but please do so anyway. It's Christmas, after all.