Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Fourteen months ago, a woman alleged that she had been repeatedly raped in the 80's by a group of policemen, who had then covered up the whole thing behind the "blue wall of silence". Today, she's finally getting some justice. The three men she accused have been charged, and have appeared in court. The exact charges have been suppressed (most likely to prevent contamination of the jury pool), but the police investigating the case clearly think there's a case to answer for something.

Garth George will probably lament this - exactly as he lamented the investigation of "hazing and harassment" like rape among Army cadets at Waiouru - but I will not. If we are to have any faith in our police, we must be able to rely on them obeying the laws they enforce. Otherwise we don't have a police force - we have a gang with batons and uniforms.