Monday, March 21, 2005

Labour's list: winners and losers

Labour has published its party list for the next election. Just Left has some commentary here, which focuses on the new faces. Meanwhile, I've been comparing it to their 2002 list. There's some obvious big winners: Ashraf Choudray has been elevated 15 places, and the Maori Caucus has generally done well. Big losers include Lianne Dalziel (dropping 12 places for dishonesty over a guinea pig), Mark Gosche (dropping 19 places for doing nothing much), Georgina Beyer (who publicaly wibled over the foreshore) and Nanaia Mahuta, who has disappeared entirely.

Here's a list showing the top 42 candidates and their relative placements with last time.

2005 RankName2002 RankDifference
1Rt. Hon Helen Clark10
2Hon Michael Cullen20
3Hon Margaret Wilson9+6
4Hon Steve Maharey40
5Hon Parekura Horomia50
6Hon Phil Goff60
7Hon Annette King70
8Hon Trevor Mallard12+4
9Hon Marian Hobbs17+8
10Hon Dover Samuels11+1
11Hon Jim Sutton8-3
12Hon Pete Hodgson13+1
13Hon Taito Phillip Field----
14Hon Ruth Dyson22+8
15Hon Mita Ririnui32+17
16Hon Mark Burton160
17Hon Paul Swain18+1
18Hon Judith Tizard21+3
19Hon Chris Carter25+6
20Luamanuvao Winnie Laban200
21Hon Rick Barker24+3
22Mahara Okeroa33+11
23Hon David Benson-Pope36+13
24Jill Pettis27+3
25Ashraf Choudhary40+15
26Lianne Dalziel14-12
27Shane Jones----
28Dianne Yates29+1
29Hon Mark Gosche10-19
30Ann Hartley35+5
31Hon David Cunliffe37+6
32Martin Gallagher31-1
33Steve Chadwick34+1
34Darren Hughes51+17
35Georgina Beyer23-12
36Maryan Street----
37David Parker47+10
38Russell Fairbrother----
39Dave Hereora38-1
40Lynne Pillay39-1
41Moana Mackey410
42Steven Ching56+14

One other thing that is very noticable is that this is a very multicultural list; it looks like New Zealand. It will be interesting comparing it with National's, given that party's seeming desire to eject or demote anyone who isn't a dead white male or a sufficiently submissive servant thereof...

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Nanaia Mahuta, along with JT, opted not to be on the list.

You forgot to mention that Hawkins rejected his list placing for being too low.

Posted by Asher : 3/22/2005 12:28:00 AM

From what I've heard, Beyer's placing had nothing to do with 'wibling' over the F&S Bill and everything to do with her triennial (and very public) 'wibling' about whether she wants to be in Parliament at all.

As for Ashraf... Well, diversity is a good thing but as one Labour member said to me a while back, "Ashraf's only achievement is his inability to make up his mind.' The abstention on the Prostitution Reform Bill went down like the proverbial bucket of cold sick with the Labour left/

Posted by Anonymous : 3/23/2005 10:21:00 AM