Friday, April 08, 2005

Something I'd go to if I was in Wellington

The New Zealand Centre for Public Law and the CTU are hosting a public lecture by Professor Harry Glasbeek entitled "Wealth by Stealth: the nature of corporations at the beginning of the 21st century":

This lecture will explore themes in Professor Glasbeek's book Wealth by Stealth: Corporate Crime, Corporate Law and the Perversion of Democracy. Wealth by Stealth has been described as "a scathing introduction to the operations of the modern corporation, written by a corporate lawyer." In it Professor Glasbeek outlines how corporations have become so powerful that they are able to act without regard to the behaviour and laws governing citizens and other groups.

5.30-6.30pm, Thursday 14 April 2005, Izard Weston Lecture Theatre 4, First Floor, Old Government Buildings, Lambton Quay, Wellington. All welcome.