Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Candidate Survey: Twenty-Second Response

From John Pemberton, of Democrats for Social Credit. John is ranked 2nd on the Democrat party list:

If you could ensure the passage of one act on one issue in the next Parliament, what would it be?

An act which would ensure that whatever is physically possible is: desirable for the happiness of humanity; is voter approved; and is environmentally friendly can always be financially possible.

Too often we allow man made rules or conventions to limit the implementation of our visions and dreams.

What three other electoral candidates or sitting MPs do you think are most similar to you in their political views?

Stephnie de Ruyter
Katherine Ransom
John Steemson

MMP is about coalitions: What sitting MP who is NOT in your party do you think is most similar to you in their political views?

There is no one.

There are MPs throughout all parties who hold similar beliefs, on individual issues, but there is no one person, who holds a package of views similar to mine that I am aware of.

No doubt time will tell as your survey questions are completed.

Do you support or oppose:

...raising the drinking age?

No, I do not. It infuriates me to hear support for this change coming from people who in their early teens had access to alcohol, and survived and are now suggesting those 18 years up to 20 are too young - double standards if you ask me.

Just as we have education programs on healthy eating etc the same should apply to alcohol ... all things in moderation

...legalising marijuana (or pharmaceuticals based on it) for medical use?


...decriminalising or legalising marijuana for recreational use?

Yes. It should be controlled on the same conditions as alcohol. Education programs etc. Wide spread use makes a mockery of the current law.

...allowing same-sex couples to adopt children?

Yes. Our children's happiness and well-being is important. This is facilitated by loving caring parents and a supportive community not by matters or issues of gender.

...amending the Marriage Act to allow same-sex couples to marry?

Yes. This is a fairness issue, a law of the land that currently enjoyed by only one section of our community.

I am quite happy for those who wish to have an unofficial ceremony restricted by whatever their personal or religious beliefs dictate.

...allowing voluntary euthanasia or physician assisted suicide?

Not an easy issue but one which needs to be dealt with. We find it relatively easy in assisting animals we love to die to relieve suffering, unasked by them, and yet hesitate to assist someone we love when asked.

I feel that, with the necessary safeguards it should be allowed.

...state funding of integrated schools?

A high quality, freely available (both in dollar terms and accessibility) education system to all New Zealanders is essential and possible and is the first priority.

Assistance to integrated schools should be in the form of a per head grant related to the cost of education in a similar public school.

...the retention of sedition as a crime in the Crimes Act?

Oppose is the answer to this one. I must admit to planning and scheming to over throw all of our past and present governments for the last 33 years.

...the retention of blasphemous libel as a crime in the Crimes Act?

I Oppose. We can leave it to the Deities themselves to meet out their own punishments.

...further restrictions on hate speech?

No further restrictions are required as long as free speech is facilitated by equal opportunities for replies.

...the use of indefinite detention without trial for those subject to a security risk certificate?

Oppose. You have either committed a crime against our laws, and thus should be charged or you think maybe possibly a law has or will be broken in the near future then nobody should be detained, till a case is made and charges follow.

...restoring the death penalty for serious crime?


...Georgina Beyer's Human Rights (Gender Identity) Amendment Bill?

I support. Human rights says it all

...Gordon Copeland's New Zealand Bill of Rights (Private Property Rights) Amendment Bill?

Private property rights are protected already and fit well enough within the overall rights of the community.

...entrenching the New Zealand Bill of Rights Act as supreme law?

I support the proposal, only after a huge amount of public debate and amendments, it should be entrenched so that it genuinely guarantees the human rights, freedoms and civil and political liberties it purports to promote.

...New Zealand's participation in the International Criminal Court?


...lowering MMP's threshold from the present 5%?

I support. The original recommendation from the commission of inquiry that lead to Electoral Reform, recommended 2.5%. (From memory)


With the benefit of hindsight, how should the government have handled the Ahmed Zaoui case?

Followed the laws of fairness and justice - evidence based.

As usual, John's opinions are his own, and do not necessarily represent those of the Democrats.


Well he's wrong about the threshold level.

Posted by Anonymous : 6/29/2005 12:54:00 PM

Hand's up if you don't understand Democrat policy...

Posted by Anonymous : 7/15/2005 12:26:00 AM