Monday, June 20, 2005

Mukhtaran Bibi update

Via Tom Watson: Nicholas Kristof has another op-ed in the NYT [Reg Req] about Mukhtaran Bibi and her return from detention. She is (obviously) please to have been releaed, but still not free to travel. Though the Pakistani government, stung by international criticism, seems to be trying to manage that as well:

On Friday, Ms. Mukhtaran told me that one of the prime minister's aides had just called to offer to take her to the United States. It seems Mr. Musharraf wants to defuse the crisis by allowing Ms. Mukhtaran a tightly chaperoned tour of the U.S., controlled every step of her way.

"I said, 'No,' " she said. "I only want to go of my own free will."

If Pakistan is concerned about their image, they'd be better off following Kristof's advice: "just prosecute rapists with the same zeal with which you persecute rape victims"