Monday, February 13, 2006

America's new gulag

In November, the US was forced to hurriedly evacuate its secret European gulag in Poland and Romania after details were leaked to the press. Since then, they've been looking for a discrete, permanent home for high-level captives. And now they've found one - in Morocco:

The United States is helping Morocco to build a new interrogation and detention facility for Al-Qaeda suspects near its capital, Rabat, according to western intelligence sources.

The sources confirmed last week that building was under way at Ain Aouda, above a wooded gorge south of Rabat’s diplomatic district. Locals said they had often seen American vehicles with diplomatic plates in the area.

Hooded and shackled prisoners have already been seen being offloaded from one of the torture planes at Rabat's military airport and being transferred to American vehicles.

The new prison will officially be run by the Moroccan secret police, but detainees will be held and questioned on the orders of the US government. And America's servants in Morocco have no problems with torture, as the sickening account of Benyam Mohammed shows. While held in Morocco at another prison, he was beaten, burned with acid, and had his chest and genitals sliced with a scalpel. All in the name of "freedom", of course.

And in related news, the CIA's top counter-terrorism official was fired last week. The reason? He opposed torture. This is how the Bush Administration is protecting American values...