Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Backing down on bus drivers

The government is backing down on its retrospective law banning people convicted of murder or other violent or sexual offences from driving buses and taxis, and has introduced legislation to allow appeals to the Director of Land Transport. This is good news of course, but like the Bus and Coach association, I'm worried about how long it will take to fix. There are people who have been banned from working for a month now as an unjust further punishment for offences committed decades ago and which were barely crimes even then; how much longer are they going to have to wait while for Parliament to correct its mistake?


There was a good thread on Frogblog on this a few weeks back.. the Greens foresaw the problem in select committee and were vocal about amending it atthe time, but NZ First were determined to ram through the legislation as it stands (stood).
A completely avertable issue, forced by dickheads. I guess the media don;t report select committee proceedings or it'd be an embarrassing moment for NZF (Marks, from memory).

Posted by Anonymous : 2/14/2006 07:17:00 PM