Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pacific Theocracy

Samoa has banned the movie The Da Vinci Code on the basis that it might confuse and weaken the faith of Christians. The article makes a lot of noise about how Samoans will simply end up watching the movie on pirated DVDs - but in the process it misses the more important point: that this is a fundamental violation of the right to freedom of expression, and one done on a religious basis to boot. It is the action of a theocratic government, not a democratic one.

Here's a thought: rather than seeking to silence The Da Vinci Code, Samoa's bishops and religious leaders could spend some time explaining why it is wrong. I'm sure that would be illuminating to everyone - and certainly far more illuminating than a blank cinema screen.


I would agree with this comment. Discussion of ideas is the very core of freedom.

(side: These blogs are a serenade to freedom)

Now I/S you must hold that line and advocate for the aboloishment of NZ own film censorship commission or WTF it is called now.


Posted by Lawrence of Otago : 5/24/2006 02:05:00 PM