Thursday, May 11, 2006


The Health Committee has called for submissions on the Human Tissue (Organ Donation) Amendment Bill. Two copies, by Friday, 14 July 2006, to

John Thomson
Health Committee Secretariat
Parliament Buildings

Or you can email

This is a good bill and it deserves public support. If you're not sure how, there's a handy guide here.

And in other news, there is still no closing date or advertised call for submissions for either the Electoral (Reduction in Number of Members of Parliament) Amendment Bill. You'd almost think the politicians wanted the whole thing to quietly go away...


Below are the details on how you can have your say in the proposed law change on organ donation.

From my experience from the last time I put a petition into Parliament is that many people agree there needs to be a change but few bother to put pen to paper to help make it happen. Though you can be sure that the people who are against it will not only write in but will get their friends to write in also. Of course the Select Committee has a stack of letters opposing and only a few in favour which as you'll understand won't help the cause much.

If you want your wishes legally binding (whether it's to be a donor or not) and agree that there should be a register and a public information campaign then please make a submission! If you have very strong views on the matter you can even request to appear in front of the committee (which adds more weight.)

Not only is this about your rights to have your wishes upheld it will save lives if it is passed, so please consider making a submission, this will be the one and only opportunity to do this. The law change will not go before Parliament again!

Andy Tookey

If you don't want to make a submission but want to support what we are doing then just sign our online petition!

Here is the link to do either:

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