Thursday, December 13, 2007

Can't they just join the SCA?

Kiwiblogblog on monarchists:

In truth, monarchists are little different from those weird groups of people who form themselves into make-believe nations and call themselves President or King and bestow weighty titles on themselves and their fellow club members (”Kevin, Thane of Multar and Grand Vizier of the Royal Seat”). Monarchists and these other fantasists take all the pomp and circumstance associated with a traditional Head of State very seriously.

A quick glance at your average monarchist site (and believe me, they’re all pretty average) and you quickly come realise they’re the kind of people who love to indulge in the full theatre of The Monarchy and all its ermine-decked foppery. They like to talk about the Liz Windsor as Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II or address themselves with full regalia - “His Excellency The Most Reverend Holiness Professor Dr The Honourable Captain Ima Plonker, KPCGS, MA(Hons) (Oxon), DipGradTechPumpAss, MRIENZ, DL, SC, RNZN(Ret.), Esq”.

Which is all well and good as entertainment (hell, I like to dress up and play monarchy on occasion) - but its ridiculous to suggest running a government that way.