Thursday, December 06, 2007

Election funding: National's fillibuster

Earlier in the week, Bill English promised that National would not fillibuster the Electoral Finance Bill, but rather would be "constructive".

I think today's list of questions for oral answer shows the lie behind that promise. In addition to the usual questions to Ministers, we have National and ACT MPs asking ten questions to select comittee chairs about committee business which they could easily look up for themselves, purely in an effort to drag out Question Time for as long as possible and so reduce the amount of time available for debating actual business. They did it yesterday as well, asking four questions. Normally, you might see one such question a week.

These are not the actions of a serious, responsible party truely interested in reform. Rather, they are the actions of a self-interested party eager to please its rich mates and rort and abuse the electoral process to buy their way to power, just as they tried to do in 2005.