Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super-duper Tuesday

It's super-duper Tuesday (can they please get a better name than that?), the day on which most delegates in the US primaries are distributed. By ths time tomorrow, there'll probably be a Republican nominee (thus effectively disenfranchising all the states which come after); thanks to the Democrats' embrace of proportional representation (or at least proportional distribution of delegates), they're unlikely to have an obvious winner, but the picture may become clearer. No doubt they'll then have an attack of angst about how a robust contest to be the nominee is a sign of weakness and disunity or something - yet another problem with the US's ludicrous primary system. Of course, if they had their primaries all at the same time, then it simply wouldn't be a problem.

For those who are interested, the BBC has an interactive guide to super-duper Tuesday here.