Thursday, February 21, 2008

The US supports dictatorship in Pakistan

Just days after the Pakistani people won a massive victory for democracy and swept President Musharaf's supporters from power, the US and their ever-reliable serveants, the British, are warning them "not to go to far":

The United States and Britain are pressing Pervez Musharraf's victorious opponents to drop their demands that he resign as President and that the country's independent judiciary be restored before forming a government.


"[The US] does not want some people pushed out because it would lead to instability. In this case that means Musharraf," said one Western diplomat. Officials say the policy is driven by concern about instability in the aftermath of the election in which the President's parliamentary allies were soundly beaten.

So, once again the US and UK expose their hypocrisy on democracy and their contempt for fundamental human rights standards we take for granted. The right of a people to choose their government? An independent and impartial judiciary? Both come second to their need for reliable proxies to fight their "war on terror". And they wonder why people don't take their claims to support democracy seriously...