Friday, November 21, 2008

Jobs for the boys

When he was in Parliament, John Tamihere was notable for his misogyny, which can be summed up in a single word: "front bums". So I guess it's not surprising that he would be the man to give acquitted rapist Clint Rickards a job. What is surprising is that he would give him a job which put him anywhere near young people (the original headline on that article was "Rickards may work with troubled youth"). In case anyone has forgotten, Rickards admitted in court repeatedly manipulating young and vulnerable people for his own sexual gratification. While he was acquitted of rape, his own "explanation" ought to give anyone serious qualms about letting him near vulnerable teenagers. And if some of those people come from an abusive background, Rickards is the last person who should be talking to them.

I'm also wondering how the Waipareira Trust's female staff (assuming there are any) will feel about sharing their workplace with a man like Rickards. I wouldn't work with him, and hopefully the Trust's staff will be organised enough to say that they won't either.