Friday, November 07, 2008

National: anti-free speech

John Key came to Palmerston North today, and Labour was there to greet him. Unfortunately, some of National's supporters weren't too happy with that. One person using a megaphone was repeatedly assaulted as National Party supporters tried to silence him. That's bad enough - but then they tried to explain why:

[One of the men who tried to steal the megaphone] said his name Cameron Duncan, a local pharmacist, and said he was not a National Party member.

Asked why he tried to silence Mr Ruscoe, he said he had taken the morning off work to hear Mr Key and was unhappy he had been drowned out.

When it was pointed out that Mr Ruscoe had a right to protest and that police had protected that, Mr Cameron said if that was the case the law should be changed and that Mr Ruscoe should have conducted his protest away from what supposed to be a quiet gathering of National supporters.

(Emphasis added)

And if you asked him about the Electoral Finance Act, he'd no doubt condemn it as an attack on freedom of speech, without any awareness of the rank hypocrisy on display.

This is National in a nutshell: violently anti-free speech. Except, of course, for themselves.